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+ 61%

Increase in Monthly Users

+ 86%

Increase in Engagement Time

- 48%

Decrease in Cost per Sign-Up

Social Commerce


Through our targeted performance marketing strategies, yamuntu saw a 61% increase in monthly users, demonstrating significant growth in user engagement and reach. Our innovative approach helped yamuntu boost the average time spent on their platform by 86%, enhancing user interaction and satisfaction. We successfully reduced the cost per sign-up for yamuntu by 48%, optimizing their marketing spend and significantly increasing the efficiency of their user acquisition efforts.

+ 150,000

Increase in Active Users

+ 90%

Increase in Sign-Up Completions

+ 52%

Average Monthly Growth



With our expertly crafted marketing strategies, reignite experienced a surge in active users, adding over 150,000 new gamers and artists to their community, underscoring our impact in expanding their user base. We helped reignite achieve a 90% increase in sign-up completions, significantly enhancing user conversion rates and community growth. Our ongoing efforts have contributed to an average monthly growth rate of 52% for reignite, demonstrating sustained success in attracting and retaining users.

+ 68%

Increase in Revenue First Month

+ 300%

Average Monthly ROAS

+ 300%

Keyword Ranking Growth



Our strategic marketing initiatives propelled a significant 68% increase in revenue during the first month for FAIO, demonstrating our ability to rapidly boost financial performance. FAIO achieved an average monthly Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 3x, thanks to our focused and effective advertising strategies. We helped triple FAIO’s keyword ranking, enhancing their visibility and driving more organic traffic to their platform.

+ 186%

Increase in Revenue

+ 300%

Keyword Rankings

+ 394%

Increase in the Subscription Rate

Personal Development


Our marketing campaign effectively tripled HypnoBox's keyword rankings, making it easier for new users to find them online. With our strategic efforts, the subscription rate for HypnoBox soared by 394%, significantly boosting their customer base. Our targeted marketing initiatives helped increase HypnoBox’s revenue by 186%, demonstrating a strong return on investment.

+ 21%

Average Monthly User Growth

- 59%

Decrease in Cost per Sign-Up

+ 400%

Keyword Ranking

Asset Management

Samara Asset Group

We reduced the cost per sign-up for Samara Asset Group by 59%, significantly lowering their acquisition expenses. Our targeted SEO strategies boosted Samara's keyword ranking by four times, greatly increasing their online visibility. Samara Asset Group saw an average monthly user growth of 21%, consistently expanding their client base.

+ 73%

Increase in Trial Subscription

- 39%

Decrease in Cost Per Subscription

+ 128%

Increase From Trial To Paid Suscription

Mental Well-being


We achieved a 73% increase in trial subscriptions for VOS Health, significantly boosting initial user engagement. Our effective marketing strategies led to a 39% decrease in the cost per subscription, enhancing overall acquisition efficiency. VOS Health saw a 128% rise in conversions from trial to paid subscriptions, reflecting the app's value and user satisfaction.

+ 57%

Increase in Revenue

- 26%

Decrease In Cost Per Purchase

+ 68%

Average Monthly Growth

Therapy app for couples


We helped myndpaar achieve a 57% increase in revenue, highlighting the app's growing appeal and user investment. Our strategies effectively reduced the cost per purchase by 26%, enhancing myndpaar's financial efficiency. myndpaar experienced an average monthly growth of 68%, demonstrating rapid expansion and user adoption.

- 78%

Decrease In Cost Per Subscription

- 49%

Decrease In Paid 
Marketing Spend

+ 36%

Increase in Revenue

Vacation Rental Software


We significantly reduced DiBooq's cost per subscription by 78%, dramatically decreasing their customer acquisition costs. Our targeted marketing strategies helped cut DiBooq's paid marketing expenditure by 49%, optimizing their advertising budget. DiBooq experienced a 36% increase in revenue, a testament to the effectiveness of our refined marketing approaches.

+ 62%

Monthly User Growth

- 49%

Decrease In Cost Per Subscription

+ 600%

Keyword Ranking

Sports & Fitness


We reduced the cost per subscription by 49% for OVATIME, significantly lowering their acquisition costs and enhancing profitability. OVATIME saw a 62% increase in monthly user growth, indicating a strong and expanding user base. Our ASO and ASA efforts increased OVATIME's keyword rankings by six times, significantly boosting their App Store visibility.

+ 94%

Increase In 
Conversion Rate

- 66%

Decrease In Cost 
Per Paid Subscription

+ 1.182%

Increase In Paid Subscribers

Streaming Platform


We cut the cost for each paid subscription by 66%, boosting Gaia's marketing efficiency and profitability. Our strategies led to a massive 1,182% surge in Gaia's paid subscriber base, significantly expanding their market presence. We enhanced Gaia's conversion rate by 94%, effectively doubling their success in converting viewers into paid subscribers.

+ 21%

Average Monthly User Growth

- 59%

Decrease In Cost 
Per Sign-Up

+ 400%

Keyword Ranking

Portfolio Tracking


Getquin's average monthly user growth reached 21%, showing a steady increase in user adoption. Reduced the cost per sign-up by 59%, significantly lowering acquisition costs for getquin. Optimization strategies 4x getquin’s keyword ranking on the app store, greatly enhancing their visibility to potential users.